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2020/2021 Season Registration information

-Players from the 2019/20 season will roll over to the 2020/21 season into a player pool for each age group. 
-New players  will be added to the age group player pool.                       -All players must reside in the TCSD to play for Twinsburg A.C.   See moving policy for more information.                                                          -Current players who are not interested in playing will be removed from rosters if they do not register for 2020/2021 season by the cutoff date.
-Every effort will be made  to not have any cuts in any age groups. Although this is not always possible based on players per age group and max roster sizes mandated by the league,  we strive to keep as many kids playing as possible.
-Twinsburg A.C. does not want the change in the economic environment to prevent any child from playing.  If you are concerned about the financial feasibility of playing, please reach out to our treasurer at . The Club will work in confidence with each family as much as possible to ensure kids can play.


Team Building for 2020 Season

Balanced Teams - 2012 and 2011 age groups

Players will be put into a player pool for the age group.  Once we start practices, the lead coaches will work on developing balanced teams from evaluating  players during practice and some games.  Players may move from team to team as this is figured out,  but we feel this gives flexibility to make sure the teams are as balanced as possible after an evaluation period.

Competitive Teams - 2010-2006 age groups

The players in each age group will be put into  pool for the age group.  Once practices start, the lead coaches will evaluate players and build the two teams (A and B).  They will have flexibility to move players up and down during the evaluation, and this could extend into Fall and/or Winter practices and games.  It is similar to an academy style of soccer,  and players will have an opportunity to earn spots on the A team and play extra on the B team to gain valuable experience at different levels of play.  As always, the age group will continue to practice together.


Next Steps and Costs

Start of Season-

At this time, we still plan to start practices on Aug 1 and games about August 16th.  This will of course be dependent on state, local, and US Club Soccer mandates.   We will follow all US Club and government safety protocols to protect our players, coaches, and their families. Please remember that our league, OHTSL, drives all play related decisions for Fall and Spring seasons. 

Next steps and other information-

- Since we did not have official tryouts, teams will be much more flexible than in the past with players moving up and down.  Lead Coaches will make team formation decisions based on practices.  The end goal is the development of all our players.  Please see the area on our website about team building for more information. 

- Players will need to have all their own equipment for EVERY practice - ball, water bottle, goalie equipment, etc… as there will be no sharing of any equipment. Players will also be issued a pinnie for the season by their coach.  This will also need to be brought to each practice.  Teams will not be sharing / switching pinnies during practice.

Costs and payments-

- The Club is working to limit the immediate cost for our families.  The full season fees will not be due until the league officially gives a start for the season and will  be allowed to be paid over 4 months.  We will not order uniforms until the league officially has a start to the season.  Full season fees will be the same as last year, $525, with cap of $15 on the transaction fee per family.  Twinsburg A.C. does not want financial concerns to prevent any child from playing.  Please reach out to our treasurer, Matthew Rasor if you have any concerns with payment. The Club will work with families as best it can to ensure all kids can play.

- If a player needs a uniform or new uniform size, we will order those when we know we have a Fall season. As a backup, we will use the navy practice shirt the Club provides as the uniform. If needed, we will use pinnies until uniforms arrive.

- The Club will be giving the traditional end of year gift at the start of the season in the form of gator/buff with the AC logo on them for each player.   Additional facemasks and buffs will be available soon on our site for purchase. As with all face coverings like this, they are NOT medical grade.  However, they are high quality and from the same company that makes them for a professional soccer team.  A link will be sent out with pictures, ordering information, and sizing.   This will be limited to one or two bulk purchases in the Fall to control shipping costs.


Thank you again for joining the club.  We look forward to a fun year for the kids.