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Twinsburg A.C. Soccer

Register here for 2020/21 Season

Registration closes June 30th

Open to TCSD residents born in 2012 to 2006

See below for more information

More About Twinsburg A.C.

Twinsburg A.C. is a competitive, community based, non profit, travel soccer club.  Our players range from ages 8-14, train twice a week (Fall and Spring), and play games against other teams such as Solon Soccer Club and Hudson United in the Ohio Travel Soccer League.  More information about the club is available here.

What is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer is community based competitive soccer. Twinsburg A.C. plays in The Ohio Travel Soccer League,  OHTSLThe OHTSL league has over 70 participating communities from Northeast Ohio with over 750 teams across all communities.  The OHTSL league is structured to offer multiple divisions per age group.   

There will not be official tryouts for the 2020 season. 

Please see below information in regards to registration and team building for 2020/2021 Season.   Twinsburg A.C. does plan to return to traditional tryouts for future seasons.

2020/2021 Season Registration information

-Players from the 2019/20 season will roll over to the 2020/21 season into a player pool for each age group. 
-New players  will be added to the age group player pool.                       -All players must reside in the TCSD to play for Twinsburg A.C.   See moving policy for more information.                                                          -Current players who are not interested in playing will be removed from rosters if they do not register for 2020/2021 season by the cutoff date.
-Registration  through the online link is  mandatory by 8PM, Jun 30  because it collects all information needed to register with US Club Soccer, our governing body.  There will NOT be an extension of this date.  We need to build teams in early July, and we need to know how many players will be in each age group.  If your son/daughter is interested you must register through the link to secure a roster spot.
-The $25 registration fee will be credited towards full season payment.  This fee covers the Club's cost with US Club soccer to register  players.   If your son or daughter is not offered a spot, this amount will be refunded.  
-Every effort will be made  to not have any cuts in any age groups. Although this is not always possible based on players per age group and max roster sizes mandated by the league,  we strive to keep as many kids playing as possible.
-The Club will not charge for the full season until we are certain a season will be happen and is fully created by OHTSL.   We will still offer the 4 payments, full season cost will be the same as this year.  We will not be increasing our fees.  

-Twinsburg A.C. does not want the change in the economic environment to prevent any child from playing.  If you are concerned about the financial feasibility of playing, please reach out to our treasurer at . The Club will work in confidence with each family as much as possible to ensure kids can play.


Team Building for 2020 Season

Balanced Teams - 2012 and 2011 age groups

Players will be put into a player pool for the age group.  Once we start practices, the lead coaches will work on developing balanced teams from evaluating  players during practice and some games.  Players may move from team to team as this is figured out,  but we feel this gives flexibility to make sure the teams are as balanced as possible after an evaluation period.

Competitive Teams - 2010-2006 age groups

The players in each age group will be put into  pool for the age group.  Once practices start, the lead coaches will evaluate players and build the two teams (A and B).  They will have flexibility to move players up and down during the evaluation, and this could extend into Fall and/or Winter practices and games.  It is similar to an academy style of soccer,  and players will have an opportunity to earn spots on the A team and play extra on the B team to gain valuable experience at different levels of play.  As always, the age group will continue to practice together.


Time left to join the fun for 2020/21 season


Twinsburg A.C. Soccer Train at Home

The below link will take you to our new page with numerous downloaded documents, site links, and video links to assist our players in staying Tiger Strong at home.

Link to new At Home Training page

Link to Twinsburg A.C. new at home training page with downloadable information and links to US Club Soccer videos.

Code of Conduct

When  players were registered with the club this year, parents signed off on our code of conduct.  This is new this year, and a copy is available below.  We encourage our players, parents, and coaches to review this document.  Please remember that our families represent our community at all games and tournaments.  Many referees are teenagers, and all players are kids.

Tournament Payments

  Your coach/TM will communicate to you about any tournaments your team is doing this year.   Payment links for each will appear below. Please pay by the given deadline.  Failure to pay on time may result in restriction from playing in future tournaments.

TwinsburgAC Twinsburg AC Soccer TwinsburgAC