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2022 Season Starts!

The US Club Soccer 2022 season has started.  Twinsburg A.C. is a member of OHTSL and through it a member of US Club Soccer.   We look forward to another great season with our teams learning the game, growing, and making making friends.


As we start this new season, please keep these things in mind-

It is still grassroots soccer!  Let the kids play!

There is a severe referee shortage.  Many refs for home games will be our own Twinsburg HS players.  The Club expects all players, coaches and parents to respect the referees.  There will be a zero tolerance by The Club for any verbal abuse of any referee. 

Coaching from the sidelines actually prevents your player from learning the game.  Please just let your child play and enjoy their time on the field.  Watch them and enjoy this short time of seeing them play a game they love.

Code of Conduct

When  players were registered with the club this year, parents signed off on our code of conduct.   We encourage our players, parents, and coaches to review this document.  Please remember that our families represent our community at all games and tournaments.  Many referees are teenagers, and all players are kids.