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Cornfest Kickoff 2018

5 Twinsburg A.C. teams entered the Cornfest Kickoff August 11th and 12th.  2010 Boys, 2009 Boys White, 2007 Boys Blue, and 2006 Girls were all  finalists. 2009 Boys Blue won their division.  Congratulations to all the teams for a great start to the season.

2010 Boys Cornfest Finalsts

2006 Girls Cornfest Kickoff Finalists

2007 Boys Cornfest Finalists

2018-19 Twinsburg A.C. Rosters

Please click on the link below for the Boys' and Girl's 2018-19 Rosters.  Go Tigers!

2018-19 Boys' Rosters

Rosters for 2018-19 Boys' Teams

2018-19 Girls' Rosters

2018-19 Girls Twinsburg A.C. rosters.

More Information about Twinsburg AC

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