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2024/25 Season Tryouts

May 20-24 - Twinsburg AC Tryouts for 2024/25 Season

NOTE: Attend the tryout days for the grade your player is in  for 2024/25 School year

Monday - 6th and 7th Grade 

Tuesday - 3rd and 4th Grade

Wednesday - 6th and 7th Grade

Thursday - 5th and 8th Grade

Friday - 5th and 8th Grade


Exact times will be released soon.  Players must attend at least one tryout to be placed on an A team (5th grade and up).  Players should attempt to attend all tryouts if possible.

Soccer Levels in United States and Northeast Ohio

As children grow, their interests will increase and vary.  Twinsburg A.C. believes strongly that children should be able to pursue these interests even if only for a year or two.  If soccer is an interest, there are various levels to choose from in the Cleveland area.  Soccer in the United States has 3 basic levels – Recreational, Travel, and Premiere/Club.   Premiere/Club has many levels within it as well from local leagues, to multistate regional, to national leagues.  Each family must find the best level or mix of levels for their player AND the family.  It is easy to be caught up in the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that all these factors can create.  There is always soccer available for all players.  Spending more time and money does not necessarily increase development and especially enjoyment.

In Twinsburg, our recreational level is AYSO.  This provides soccer for 4 year olds up to high school age children.  Games are within the city and between other teams within AYSO.  This level requires the least financial and time commitment, but offers children the chance to play soccer for many years.

Twinsburg A.C. is part of OHTSL, Ohio Travel Soccer League.   Our teams range from 3rd to 8th grade.  We have balanced teams at the younger ages.  This allows for full development of all players.  In 5th grade, The Club moves to  1st and 2nd team formation as numbers allow.  Twinsburg A.C. Soccer teams play other communities from around Northeast Ohio.  Travel can range from Canton to Geneva to Sandusky. The play level of OHTSL varies.  Most ages have 5 divisions.  The Club philosophy is based on development of players with an eye towards them playing in high school.  Therefore, we strive to place teams in the division that will challenge them.  This means many teams may only win half their games as they learn the game. The goal is developing each player and helping them grow their confidence and ability both on and off the field.

Some families play Premiere and Twinsburg A.C.  Premiere Clubs have a cost of  at least $2000 a year with required tournaments, uniforms, and other factors sometimes pushing that price to over $7,000.   If a player does play for two teams, communication with coaches/Team managers is critical.  Each family must find the correct situation for them.

More information about Twinsburg A.C. can be found on the About Us page.

Goalkeeper Training and Gloves

Please see the club's  Goalkeeping page for information on Kronis Goalkeeper Academy, Club Night at Kronis, and for a 15% off discount code to purchase Renegade keeper gloves.  Twinsburg A.C. is a Renegade Gloves affiliate and receives a commission on gloves purchased with our code - TwinsburgAC

Code of Conduct

When  players were registered with the club this year, parents signed off on our code of conduct.   We encourage our players, parents, and coaches to review this document.  Please remember that our families represent our community at all games and tournaments.  Many referees are teenagers, and all players are kids.

Indoor Season Training

Once again our indoor training sessions will be at our community partner, The Edge.  The club thanks them for providing a quality training field centrally located in our city at a reasonable price.  This allows Twinsburg A.C. to continue to provide training to our players during the indoor months.