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2021/22 Season Registration is Open!

Please register by May 15th

2021/22 Registration and Team Formation

Registration is now open for the 2021/22 season.  Teams will be formed based on grade level.  Players must reside within the Twinsburg City School District but do not need to attend Twinsburg Schools.  Please see below information on team formation. If you are not sure if Travel Soccer or recreational soccer is the best match for your family, please see  TRAVEL SOCCER VS RECREATIONAL SOCCER in the second column. There is also a link with more information on Travel Soccer.

Team Formation

The week of May 17th will be a tryout/observation week for 5th through 8th grade teams.  These will not be our traditional tryouts.  Since we do not have the stadium for them, we will use Liberty Park for the boys and the practice field by Dodge for the girls.  There will be two sessions during this week.  Players need only be registered to be placed on a team with The Club.   However, players MUST attend one of the observation/tryout sessions to be placed on an A team.  Details on these times and days will be coming out soon. These sessions will be small-sided games and skill-based activities. The goal will be to allow our senior coaching staff to observe players and see—ball skill, passing, defending, teamwork, aggressiveness, field vision, and other soccer based skillsets.

The results from the Spring tryouts / observation will be only one component of team formation.  Current lead coaches will provide input as well.   The first 2 weeks of practice and first game in August with new team will also be taken into consideration.  Final A and B teams will be formed after the first games.  For age groups with A and B teams, coaches (with board approval) will also be able to move up to 3 players each session between teams.  These shifts would be based on practice attendance, behavior at games and practices, and other factors.

Please feel free to reach out to Matthew Rasor with any concerns or questions.  Twinsburg A.C. strives to ensure that all players in the Twinsburg City School District can participate with our club.  If your family has any financial concerns about the fees, please also reach out in confidence to Matthew. The Club will do all it can to ensure your player can participate.  

2021/22 Season Registration Closes


Travel Soccer vs Recreational Soccer

The community of Twinsburg has two options for youth soccer--

Twinsburg A.C. Soccer Club and  AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).  The two organizations are separate entities.  Families should find the right match for their player and lifestyle.   

Our Club is part of the Ohio Travel Soccer League in Northeast Ohio. We have over 200 players in grades 3 to 8th.  The goal of Twinsburg  A.C. is to foster a lifelong love of soccer and competition.  The Club also serves as a feeder program for the Twinsburg Varsity girl's and boy's teams.   Please follow the below link for more information on Twinsburg A.C. and travel soccer in general. 


What is Travel Soccer and Twinsburg A.C. Soccer Club ?

Please follow this link for more information on Twinsburg A.C., OHTSL, and Travel Soccer.

Videos and Links for At Home Training

This page has many ideas and links for training at home. It will be update whenever new approved links are available.

Sponsored by The Edge Sports and Arts Academy

The Edge Sports and Arts Academy

Visit Website

The Edge Sports and Arts Academy is a community partner and the  winter training home for our teams,

Code of Conduct

When  players were registered with the club this year, parents signed off on our code of conduct.   We encourage our players, parents, and coaches to review this document.  Please remember that our families represent our community at all games and tournaments.  Many referees are teenagers, and all players are kids.

Don't Steal the Reps from Your Athlete

Changing the Game Project is an organization dedicated improving the youth sports experience.  The mission of the Changing the Game Project is to ensure that we return youth sports to our children, and put the ‘play’ back in ‘play ball.’   Below is an excerpt from an article on their site about coaching your player from the sidelines. A link to the full article is below it.


By the same token, here is some helpful advice for parents:

Be their #1 fan: start by remembering your kids already have a coach or two, so do they need another one. During games, never coach your child and tell her where to run or what technique to choose. Some parents tell me “well the coach never helps!” Maybe after reading this, you will understand why. The coach is leaving space for your child to learn, and so too must you. If your coach just doesn’t know, and you do, then please volunteer and coach yourself. The world needs more good coaches.

Ask them 3 great learning questions: Post-practice or competition, when your child asks you “how did I do?” the door has been opened for you to take them down a path of self-discovery and ask these magic questions:

  • What went well?
  • What needs work?
  • What did you learn from today that you can work on in practice in order to improve?

If you help your children see the good and the bad of their performance, and help them formulate a plan moving forward, good things happen.

Embrace the desirable difficulties: I think this is much harder to do as a parent than as a coach (trust me on that one as I have a lot easier time watching my athletes struggle than I do my own kids!) If your child is in a good learning environment, or even if she is in a poor one and this is an opportunity to learn about what it means to have a lousy coach, if we can keep the focus on “what did we learn from this” it is an opportunity for growth.

When you are invited in, step through the door: If you have knowledge of the sport, and your child does not know what to do, it is a great opportunity to go out in the yard or the park and demonstrate. Play catch with them. Engage with them in the sport. Research shows that when parents are able to play with their kids and do so without taking away their child’s ownership or enjoyment, those kids are more likely to continue playing.

Don't Steal the Reps From Your Athlete

Here is the full article for the above excerpt. The organization also has a wonderful book.

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