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Fall Season starts!

Twinsburg A.C.  is off to a great start with Fall games. Board Members were at many home games watching our teams have fun and observing coaching and sidelines.  Always remember that most referees are not only teenagers, but also members of Twinsburg's high school teams. The Club expects all players, coaches, and parents to abide by our Code of Conduct and represent  Twinsburg well. 

Please remember to communicate with your TM about practice and game attendance.  Coaches will design the trainings for a certain number of players, and when numerous players suddenly do not show up on a night it makes training less productive.  Similarly, your coach will be creating lineups and counting on players being their for games.  While The Club understands that family commitments and other activities will prevent players from attending training and games, please do communicate these absences with your TM ahead of time.


Code of Conduct

When  players were registered with the club this year, parents signed off on our code of conduct.   We encourage our players, parents, and coaches to review this document.  Please remember that our families represent our community at all games and tournaments.  Many referees are teenagers, and all players are kids.

Sponsored by The Edge Sports and Arts Academy

The Edge Sports and Arts Academy

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The Edge Sports and Arts Academy is a community partner and the  winter training home for our teams,

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